Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tony Williams Lifetime - Turn It Over

Tony Williams Lifetime - Turn It Over
LP rip from Polydor 24-4021

1. To Whom It may Concern - Them
2. To Whom It May Concern - Us
3. This Night This Song
4. Big Nick
5. Right On
6. Once I Loved
7. Vuelta Abajo
8. A Famous Blues
9. Allah Be Praised
Tony Williams: drums
John McLaughlin: Guitar
Khalid Yasin (Larry Young): organ
Jack Bruce: bass
#1 and 2 by Chick Corea. #3,5,7 by Tony Williams. #4 by John Coltrane. #6 by Jobim.Demoraes. Gilbert. #8 by John McLaughlin. #9 by Khalid Yasin.
Produced by Monte Kay.


Festoonic said...

Mark Desmet said...

Thank you so much. This is a terrific record!

Anonymous said...

i dont know how i get here but this seems that is going to be very nice

thank you


Stylophone 350s said...

Bill Laswell has done a "Mix Translation" of this album sometime ago, which is sitting in the Verve vaults. Verve are probably waiting for a anniversary release or something. Great blog.

Anonymous said...

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