Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Salvatore Bonafede Quartet: Actor/Actress

Salvatore Bonafede: piano
Joe Lovano: tenor saxophone
Cameron Brown: bass
Adam Nussbaum: drums

1. Mel Lewis

2. Paul Motian
3. Actor/Actress
4. G-Love
5. Sometimes Note
s Are Less Than 12
6. U.R.I.
7. Joe Lovano
8. Paul Bley
9. Verve
10. Mel Lewis (alt. take)
All compositions by Salvatore Bonafede
Studio 900, NYC, June 18 and 19, 1990.
Produced by Salvatore Bonafede

(Ken Records 004, 1990)

A wonderful 1990 debut, long out of print, with a superb band that expertly negotiates ten memorable originals. The tunes named for musicians are remarkably deft character sketches. Although virtually unknown in the US, several later Bonafede projects are available at eMusic and are highly recommended.


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